Sumaida + Khurana, a New York-based development firm founded by Saif Sumaida and Amit Khurana, is establishing a new paradigm in global real estate development.  The firm’s core objective is developing seminal buildings through an uncompromising dedication to architecture and craft. With this purity of vision in mind, Sumaida + Khurana seeks to develop an elegant and timeless body of work by profoundly improving upon the built environment.

The firm and its affiliates are currently in development on upwards of 300,000 SF. of ground-up residential projects in Manhattan with a total projected sellout of approximately $700 million.  Additionally, the firm’s construction management affiliate, Foundations Group, is presently building 15 new development projects in excess of $550 million in construction value. Foundations Group is currently building 1.2 million SF. across its 11 ground-up construction projects and 4 residential conversions.  Sumaida + Khurana and Foundations Group currently employ upwards of 100 professionals across project management, cost estimating, financial analysis, accounting, administration, and various construction personnel.

The firm’s technical capabilities in architecture, planning, and construction management enable it to build projects of exceptional quality and design while mitigating risk due to its extensive experience in cost and schedule management.  The firm’s depth of expertise allows it to deliver excellent returns to investors and partners while contributing to cities in a thoughtful manner.